History Of Graffiti



Graffiti is used as a means of mysticism and spiritual encouragement for hunting or as a form of art. The habit of painting on the wall stems from primitive man as a way of communicating hunting.

The development of art in ancient Egypt also showed activity painted on the walls of the pyramid. This painting is another natural communicating encountered a pharaoh (Pharaoh) after mummified.

Activities of graffiti as a means of showing discontent started in Roman times with evidence of allusions to paintings on the walls of government buildings. This painting was found in the ruins of Pompeii. While in Rome itself used as a propaganda tool to discredit the followers of Christianity who at that time prohibited the emperor.

Graffiti / graffity is written or drawn on the wall that uses color composition, line, shape and volume to write words, symbols, or a particular sentence. Graffiti are generally made with paint strokes using a brush or chalk. The tools used in the present usually spray paint cans. source: wikipedia.

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